La Flores Clay Art

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DECO Flower Course Curriculum I

This course is intended to provide the most required base techniques of DECO Clay Crafting and sets the foundation for all following courses. Flower Course I will cover many traditional floral varieties.

Other techniques covered are color mixing principles, weaving and arranging. Students are also offered lessons on creating figurines and seasonal ornamentals allowing for a well rounded skill sets. Available to all levels, no prior experience required. 

30 hours class (3-4 hours each lesson)


DECO Flower Course Curriculum II

Flower Course II offers a more in-depth study into floral work and arrangement of more advanced finished pieces. In this course students will apply the techniques learned in Flower Course I while taking them to the next level. Each project is more elaborate than the next and allows for the student to put their own unique signature to each project piece. 

Completion of Flower Course Curriculum I is required. 


DECO Flower Course Instructor Certification

The final two projects in this course are a collection of all the skills learned and allow you to showcase this with the final Tall Vase and Theme projects. 

DECO Instructor Certification is available to those who have successfully completed the first two Flower Courses. The Tall Vase and Theme project along with three sample roses will be used in the application process to become a certified DECO instructor. 


DECO Flower Course Curriculum III

Advanced Flower Course III is an instructor level course utilizing all techniques learned in the first two Flower Courses and applied to ever more challenging and rewarding projects. This course consist of seasonal items, wedding themes including beautiful bouquets, life like bonsai trees, long stem flowers of roses and more. There are so projects to please and captivate crafters of all interest levels.

Completion of Flower Course Curriculum II/ Instructor Certification  is required to continue with DECO Flower Curriculum III.


DECO Personal Style Gift Course I

Each project of Personal Style Gift Course was inspired by desire to create your own one and only “personal gift”, which are modern and stylish while being handmade. For anniversary, wedding or seasonal decoration pieces, all of the projects will be your one and only, cherished forever. 

This course was developed to show you how to make one-of- a-kind, original handmade gifts for any occasion.


DECO Personal Style Gift Course II



DECO Personal Style Gift Course
Instructor Certification


Japan Fake Sweets Decorations Course

This course covers ten projects. 

In this course, students will get to learn the use of different clay and materials to craft different clay sweets/cakes and to create different effects/finishing of the clay sweets. Learn to craft most of the items from scratch. 

Student will learn how to make ice cream, variety of fruits, biscuits, colouring techniques, and different techniques for piping cream and decorations.

Also get to learn how to create molds. 

Applies to all levels without any experience.

24 hours class. (3 hours per class)